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One of the most significant factors in succeeding with investment properties is planning.

I’ll walk you through the whole process, coaching you in how to succeed with investment properties and developing a personalised property action plan based on your individual circumstances and requirements. Once I’ve written your action plan I can then help you buy and manage the right property and, ultimately, if and when the time comes sell it.

planning-circleMY PROMISE TO YOU

A simple process for a

I follow a simple process to achieve this for a fixed fee:


This is our first get together, where we have a frank and open discussion on property investment.

  • We find out if this is really what you want to do
  • We assess your financial viability for investing in property
  • We ask all the tricky questions to ensure property investment is for you
  • We form the start of a trusting relationship to take you forward

There is no cost and no obligation at this stage.


By this stage you’re getting serious and I have a better understanding of you and your requirements. I’ll collect all the financial and other information I need from you. Basically speaking, I’m looking at:

assets + debts + earnings + am I likely to succeed with investing in property

If any of the parameters are too close then investing is probably too risky, which I will be quite frank about and advise you of rather than go any further.

I’ll also want to know what your goals are with property investment, what you are wanting to achieve and who your other trusted professionals are.  Rather than work at odds with them I prefer to work as a team to make sure everything works together with the other areas they deal with.  For example, accountant, solicitor, bank manager, etc.

If, at any stage, I don’t think I can genuinely help you I’ll point you in the right direction rather than waste your time and money.


I’ll speak to all your other advisers to get them on board; assemble a team to support you.  I then work with the information above to write you up an action plan for something I believe can deliver what you are looking for and within your means.

This involves:

  • Speaking to my extensive network of contacts – real estate agents, property managers, builders, banks
  • Comprehensive internet research
  • Applying my 40 years of knowledge in this area

I’m nothing but frank, so I will be looking at facts as well as more subjective issues such as attitude and lifestyle.  I’ll be looking at “Why?”, “Where” and “What”, working out a cash-flow, structuring how the investment will work and organising finances with you.  If I don’t think it’s for you I’ll say so!

The end result is a written investment property action plan.


This is not a Financial Plan as you have already decided to invest in property.


Once we have an action plan I then present this to you and work through it with you ensuring you are fully informed and understand every aspect of what you are potentially getting into.  You can then make an informed decision on whether to proceed any further or not.

I’m always here to support you, make sure you understand all the information provided and can access any other information you need.

Assuming all goes well, we move on to help you buy an investment property, securing the right property that will work for you.

I provide a full investment property service, ensuring you succeed.
You’ll never be left alone wondering “what next?”


Feel free to fill out the Elite Property Blueprint Client Information Form and email it through to, to get ahead with the process.


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