No matter how careful you are, sometimes the unexpected happens.  I can help make sure you have the cover you need and can access the insurance and the right person when the need arises.

When it comes to insuring people I want to make sure you have the cover you want; no less and no more.  So I start with a complete fact find looking at what you already have and taking you through the 7 areas available:

Mortgage repayment
Income protection
Total permanent disability
Life cover
Waiver of premium

Covering your bases

I’ll walk you through what is available in plain English and discuss the “what if’s?”

What if I’m on ACC, will my income protection policy pay me or not?
What if I die, is the children’s education paid for?
What if I can’t work, will insurance cover my loss of earnings?
What if one of us goes first, will the mortgage get paid off?

From this we’ll arrive at a recommended level of insurance to fit your circumstances. Between us we can then decide on what you actually want and can afford.

Once we’re all decided, I’ll complete the forms with you and arrange everything, including how often you’d like to see me for reviews.

people-white-circleMY PROMISE TO YOU

I’m there for you from the beginning to the end!