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We have found Wayne to be very ethical and upfront in his dealings with our mutual clients and we enjoy working with him to help them develop their property investment portfolios.

I have worked with Wayne for in excess of 15 years. I have always found Wayne easy to communicate with and have enjoyed our business dealings. He is a straight shooter and places a large value on fostering personal relationships with the people he deals with.

Wayne works with honesty and integrity, he is straightforward in his advice and really knows what he is talking about. What really differentiates Wayne is that he cares.

Wayne is a highly passionate man who puts his heart and soul into his business ventures to ensure success. He is always thinking of new ways to improve the status quo, a commendable trait indeed!

Wayne is a person of total integrity with a huge knowledge of every aspect of the property investment business, Wayne is passionate about what he does and is completely dedicated to the ongoing financial security and success of his clients. His proven track record on this front speaks for itself!! It is my great pleasure to be able to recommend Wayne Densem and Equity Homes to any prospective client.

Wayne is professional, knowledgeable and down to earth. He will assist you to find a solution that works for all parties involved and values the importance of working as a “team” with your lawyer, accountant and bank manager to help you make a smart decision when investing in property.
I would recommend you contact Wayne as the first port of call if you are looking to invest in property.

Jacintha Atkinson
Fletcher Vautier Moore

Wayne has an understanding and appreciation of his products and services that he then applies the highest level of care and understanding of a client’s needs to ensure the right outcome for them. Highly recommended.

Passionate, enthusiastic, committed, reliable, up-front and client-focused. Clear communicator who gets the job done. Happy to help Wayne and his clients again whenever the opportunity presents.

Alastair & Chris Sutton

Wayne Just Gets Stuff Done!

What’s most important to you when using an outside consultant? Knowledge? Reliability? Trustworthiness?

For Alastair and Chris Sutton, it’s trust. Chris openly admits she’s a sceptical person who doesn’t trust people very much. But over time, she and Alastair have come to not only trust but to rely on Wayne’s knowledge and expertise. He just gets stuff done, they say.

The couple were wanting to buy a rental property and were introduced to Wayne by a property manager. They were impressed with him from the start, finding him approachable and easy to get on with.

They say, ‘Some people it’s their idea and there’s no other idea. But he comes up with different scenarios. He’s not pushy in any way. He’s just passionate about sharing his knowledge and his network. He’s just a really nice, easy going personality. You can’t help but like him. He wants to see other people succeed.’

The Suttons found Wayne had broad knowledge about property, real estate, investment, insurance, borrowing money, advice on lawyers and finding the right people. They say that on anything to do with housing Wayne can point you in the right direction and with really great advice.

They also liked that Wayne is solutions oriented. Alastair says, ‘He asks a lot of questions and the whole time he’s sitting there you can hear the gears going around! He’s already got the solution figured out, coming up with different ideas and options.’

Investing in property is teamwork and Chris and Alastair were delighted when Wayne found them a good lawyer, accountant etc to support them. ‘It was great to have someone who knew how it all worked, and the pitfalls, which you can’t know until you start getting into it,’ they say.

Chris and Alastair Sutton say Wayne has given them a lot of really good practical advice. ‘With that advice comes opportunities. If you seize those opportunities at the right time it can be very rewarding. It’s up to the individuals involved to take those opportunities. But if you’re thinking about investing or expanding a portfolio don’t do it without talking to Wayne. We have recommended him to several people.’

If you ARE thinking about investing or expanding a portfolio, do get in touch so you make the right decisions and not the wrong ones!

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