Buying and selling investment properties is my particular area of experience and expertise.

As a licensed sales person (REAA 2008) I can help you with the whole process. I’ll bring my experience to you and be there for you from planning to buying, managing, insuring and selling.



Buying an investment property is quite different to buying a home.  Your investment goals, not your heart, dictate what you should buy and where.  Once we have a plan I can manage that whole process for you, presenting you with some solid options.  Remember this is not about buying something you’d like to live in and in a region you like, but about buying a property that will maximise your return with least effort and risk.

For example if you’re looking at an investment property for rental then I have several key regions I work in where the rental potential is known to be good:

Nelson / Tasman
Bay of Plenty

In each of these areas I have an established network of contacts to help find the right property, carry out pre-purchase inspections, check out the neighbourhood, do various checks and tests and estimate any costs.  I collate all the information I need to find the right property, in the right neighbourhood and then negotiate the right price on your behalf.

Once I have presented you with a shortlist and you have chosen a suitable property I’ll:

  • Get together all the building reports, drug tests and whatever else is required
  • Liaise with solicitors
  • Negotiate the best price
  • Handle the offer process
  • Manage every step for you.

In short, I’ll manage and structure the whole package – right – first time, and for a fixed fee.

buying-selling-circle-iconMY PROMISE TO YOU

Don’t waste your time and money, you’ll save our fee in time alone.


When it comes to selling your investment property we’re again dealing with a different market.  I’ll help you:

  • Work out who the buyer is going to be – first time buyer or investor
  • Set up the house to be attractive to the market
  • If the buyer is an investor, present the benefits and do the homework on potential ROI (return on investment)
  • Approach a database of over 3,000 potentials

I’ll also help with any complications like sitting tenants; protecting your income while the house is for sale, dealing with the tenant and transferring any tenancy agreements where appropriate.

buying-blue-iconMY PROMISE TO YOU

I’ll help you every step of the way.