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I have NEVER regretted buying property

Property Investment

A lot of people feed off regrets. Personally, I feel this is stupid. Over my lifetime I’ve done lots of things I wouldn’t repeat but I have no regrets.

I certainly have NEVER regretted buying property.

Our first house was bought in July 1976 for $33,000. We sold it in 1980 for $42,000. It felt amazing. But the same house today has a rateable value of $500,000.

Over the years, we have bought and sold numerous houses, reaping the rewards of rising values and reducing our debt.

It wasn’t until we discovered the art of investing in other houses and having the tenant contribute something to the mortgage that real wealth started to appear.

If we had just kept the original house, all we would have now is four freehold walls and no income.

I’d love to share my story with you and help you grow your wealth through property.

If you want to have a chat at any time about this common rental market mistake or other property investment issues, do get in touch. Also, please do connect with me on LinkedIn.


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