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There’s no i in team

As many a commentator has said over the years. If you are the smartest member of your team you are in trouble.

Property investors who are successful have a good support network, i.e. mentor, accountant, lawyer, mortgage broker, etc.

Obviously, it’s possible to do it alone, however having other opinions and support on tap can have huge benefits. Choose this support wisely, as the advice must line up with your needs and your principles. Don’t just get advice for advice’s sake.

Lead balloons don’t bounce. However, the property market does. Sometimes it bounces all over the place, and sometimes it does nothing, and at times, it even goes backwards.

However based on historic evidence, over the long term property tends to increase in value.

Generally, investors have long term goals, ie. 20+ years. So over this sort of time-frame the humps and bumps get evened out.

It’s not the timing of the market, but the time in the market.

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