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You are the key to great property investing.

  • Why?  I hear you ask.
  • Your knowledge
  • Your ability to handle risk
  • Your attitude
  • Your ability to borrow money
  • Your desire to learn
  • It’s all about YOU!

The biggest one on the list is Attitude.  If your attitude sucks then so will your property investments.

To be successful you need to have a business attitude and be fair to all parties.

Remembering that you are dealing with a large number of different people, for example, vendors, real estate agents, solicitors, accountants, so having a sound, fair, business attitude is paramount.

And let’s not forget tenants.  If your attitude is long pockets and short arms, i.e. miserable when it comes to spending money, then you will have constant problems.  Fixing small problems promptly stops things getting worse.

So this is why it’s all about You!

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