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Have You Got A Plan?

Have you got a Plan?

The age old question, but how many have one?  I will venture to say that very few have.  Many may start out with one, but how many have one when they reach an older age or, heaven forbid, retirement?

I recently met a good bloke.  Let’s call him Fred.  Now Fred had a plan and was months away from receiving the pension.  What he was excited about was that the Government was going to add $20,000 plus to his already gained retirement income.

So how did he get there I asked?

His reply was simple;  he started with the income he wanted regardless of Government help, and then worked backwards.  But the trick was that he started at age 30, thus giving him 35 years to get his plan to work well.

Think how it would have been if he had started at age 20.

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