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Is the Garden Tenant Friendly?

Some landlords go overboard with the standard and style of garden at their properties.

Let’s face it, very few tenants love doing someone else’s garden, so keep it simple.

If you don’t you will need to employ a gardener.

Some little tips to make it easier for your tenant?

  • All gardens need to have weed mat and either bark or pebbles.  I tend to favour pebbles due to bark only looking good for a short time and can blow away in a good wind.
  • Use ground cover where possible as this also keeps weeds down and can look good.
  • Tenants won’t mind mowing a lawn if it is easy.  Use mowing strips around the edge to help this.
  • As a landlord it would be a good idea to employ a contractor, perhaps once a year to do a big tidy up.

Whatever you do, just make it easy on your tenant and you will reap the rewards.

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