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What do you have to do when selling your Rental

When you go to sell your rental there are some rules to adhere to.  Here are a few things as a starter.

  1. Firstly, you must respect your tenant and their rights.  So when you decide you must give them notice in writing.  This can be handled via your property manager.
  2. Your tenant must give permission for photos to be taken,  particularly where their possessions are concerned.  They can request that their things are not included in photos.
  3. A successful sale really relies on having good relations with your tenant and property manager and respecting everyone totally.
  4. Check out the type of tenancy agreement in place, for example, fixed term or periodic.
  5. Reward the tenant with a gift to show your appreciation.

There are plenty more, however if you choose a professional real estate agent who is experienced in the investment market you will be fine.

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