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No Need to have a Will


A lot of people don’t think about what happens when they stop breathing (DIE).  The smart ones do and they have a will.

A will allows you to decide who will inherit your worldly goods.

If there is no Will then the intestacy rules apply.  That sounds a bit heavy, but it simply means that your affairs are handed over to the courts.  The courts under the Administration Act 1969 appoint an administrator to administer your estate.  This can be a very slow process and may leave your family wanting.

A will avoids disputes and stress as the intestacy rules can leave family out of the final settlement.

Also if you have a will but your circumstances have changed, for example, you may have re-married, please ensure you get your will updated to reflect your new situation.

Please make a will to avoid intestacy.  It even sounds awful and is definitely not good for you or your family.

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