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A Book Every Small Business Owner Should Read

Liber8 Your Business by Laura Humphreys Liber8 Your Business by Laura Humphreys brings you the revolutionary business planning technique that will set every business owner free. It’s time to learn the powerful art of backwards planning from real life entrepreneur Laura Humphreys. Laura began life as a secretary and went on to build and sell her own million dollar businesses – using a blueprint that any business owner can copy. In Laura’s own words “if I can do it, any one can!” Learn the eight steps to building a valuable, saleable business that makes money without you. This book will change the way you approach your business planning … forever.

Laura has become passionate about the concept of ‘leverage’ in business – doing more with less to the point where businesses do not rely on their owner in order to generate income. She gives regular talks to business groups and mentors business owners about creating freedom from business. Liber8 your Business is Laura’s entrepreneurial response to the need for a practical guide to planning and building a business that will set you financially free.

I recommend Liber8 your Business as a great read because it provides a step by step guide on how to structure your business in a way that it will run without you. This is an important book for any business owner giving you the tools to develop a powerful strategic business plan and learn how to build the business you always dreamed about.

I am proud to announce that Laura Humphreys will be our guest speaker at Business Breakfast Club, Tuesday 5th August 2014. For more information please visit the Business Breakfast Club website.

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